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Discrimination in the workplace is a troubling and potentially disabling experience. Sexual harassment can leave you feeling embarrassed and violated. In Essex County and throughout the states of New Jersey and New York, workplace discrimination is illegal and punishable by law.

At Cowen & Jacobs we have the experience and knowledge to handle your discrimination case. As a firm comprised of three women, we bring a novel perspective to the situation. Our lawyers work with you to fight the injustice of racial and gender discrimination and age bias. We will do whatever it takes to win your case, whether that involves pursuing alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, or by taking the matter to trial. Contact us today to learn more how about how we can help you.

Discrimination Takes Many Forms

Employment discrimination can take many forms. Some are obvious, such as refusing to hiring a person based on their gender or the color of their skin. Other forms of discrimination may be more discreet, such as discrimination based on pregnancy or age.

Our employment law firm in Hackensack, New Jersey, represents clients who have been wrongfully terminated or suffered harassment based on age, race, gender, or a disability. We also have significant experience handling whistleblower cases related to these issues.

Employers May Have Discrimination Policies

Employers often have discrimination policies, some of which are in your employment contract. If you feel these policies have been violated, bring us a copy of your contract or employee handbook. Our attorneys will thoroughly examine the documents and determine the best way to pursue your claim.

Contact an Attorney if You Experience Workplace Discrimination

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment or if you face discrimination in the workplace, contact the law office of Cowen & Jacobs today. We can evaluate your situation and determine how to protect your rights.


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