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At Cowen & Jacobs, our mediation attorneys are committed to helping our clients resolve legal matters while minimizing the emotional and financial impacts. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that provides individuals the opportunity to work through their difference without a judge determining the outcome. If you feel mediation is right for you, then contact our firm today.

Skilled New Jersey Mediators

While not all legal disputes can be effectively resolved through mediation, many can. Divorce is an area of law where mediation is commonly used to resolve disputes. Some of the advantages of mediation include:

  • Achieves an agreement reached through cooperation and communication rather than antagonism
  • Allows the individuals involved in the dispute to maintain control over the outcome
  • Provides a forum for the individuals involved to address and define their interests in the dispute
  • In divorce mediation, children’s issues are agreed to by the parents, often resulting in fewer post-divorce disputes
  • Mediation is less costly and more efficient than litigation.
  • The focus of mediation is on resolutions that help people move forward with their lives rather than looking backward and casting blame.
  • Allows the parties to explore creative solutions independent of court imposed guidelines

Our attorneys understand that in some cases mediation is not an option. While we are skilled and experienced mediators we are always prepared to litigate cases where mediation is not likely to produce a satisfactory outcome.

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