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When illness or job loss creates financial hardship for either a custodial or non-custodial parent, the court will consider a modification in child support. Complications occur when couples try to reach an understanding without approval by the court or when a paying parent simply decides to change or halt payments.

The law office of Cowen & Jacobs represents clients in child support modification motions involving a change in income due to, for example illness, disability, loss of employment, or new dependents. Our attorneys also represent clients in child custody cases where life style choices of the custodial parent, their health, or the preference of the child warrant a change in custody. We work with child psychologists, social workers, and investigators in presenting pertinent information and facts before the court regarding what is in the best interest of a child.

Avoid future legal complications and unnecessary difficulties — contact child support lawyers at Cowen & Jacobs today. We will explain your rights and obligations and make sure you’re prepared for your day in court.

I just need a month or so to catch up. Why go to court?

Regardless how trivial you think a child support modification is, going to court is essential for protecting yourself legally. First, child support is intended for a child, not the custodial parent. As such, it is not up to the custodial parent to simply decided whether or not a reduction in child support is “okay.” Secondly, when couples reach an oral agreement, it doesn’t have the force – or protection – of the law. Consequently, if you and your ex get into a fight, he or she can go after you in court on the basis of back owed child support – even if he or she agreed to let you modify child support payments in the first place.

Child Custody – Determining who should get Custody

In awarding custody, the court will always consider what is in the best interest of the child. Income, education, criminal history, and certain personal issues regarding a parent’s lifestyle are all considered. Mothers are not always awarded custody nor is the parent with the highest income.

As your lawyers, we advise you regarding what factors the court will take into consideration and how best to present your side of the issue. When necessary, we ask the court to order a psychiatric evaluation of a child, as well as an in-home study. We develop evidence in support our client’s case in defense of what is in the best interest of a child.

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If you have questions regarding child support modifications or a change in child custody arrangements, contact the child custody lawyers at Cowen & Jacobs today. We will evaluate your case and take steps to ensure your rights and best interests — and those of your children — are protected.


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