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Hackensack Employment Lawyers

We have extensive experience representing the rights of employees in disputes involving:

Employment Law Summaries

• Helped Fortune 500 executive from Saddle River, NJ with resolution to satisfactory severance package.
• Assisted a retail executive vice president from Teaneck, NJ in a breach of contract and wrongful termination matter reach a fair and satisfactory settlement.
• Negotiated a remarkable compensation package for a Woodcliff Lake man who was the director of a department in an international pharmaceutical company.
• Helped sexually harassed plaintiffs from Englewood Cliffs obtain fair compensation.
• Assisted an employee from Mahwah with an onerous restrictive covenant leave her employer and commence employment at a competitor.

Employment Contracts and Agreements

Our firm is adept at protecting the interests of our clients in reviewing, evaluating, negotiating and drafting:

  • Compensation agreements
  • Releases
  • Waivers
  • Severance agreements
  • Non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements
  • Non-disparagement agreements
  • Stock option agreements
  • Bonus and commission agreements

Our Hackensack employment law attorneys understand the anger and humiliation of being subjected to discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. We understand the fear of retaliation and of losing one’s job. We represent our clients zealously and expend our best efforts in obtaining a result that they deserve.

Compensation and Severance

Before you sign that Employment Contract or agree to the terms of your compensation, you need to consult with an attorney who will protect your rights in the event of a dispute or of a termination. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf, the terms of your salary, your perks, your benefits, your bonus, and all of your interests.

Just because you have reached the pinnacle of success and have climbed the ladder to become a supervisor, a manager, or an executive, it does not protect you from an abrupt termination. Even if you have an Employment Contract, disputes regarding the termination still arise. We have the experience and the commitment to negotiate a fair severance package on your behalf including issues like severance pay, stock options that have not yet vested, deferred compensation, bonus, non-disparagement, non-solicitation, and non-compete agreements, continuation of benefits, etc.

We are ready, willing, and able to go to bat for you no matter your level of employment.

Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace may take many forms such as gender discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, military service, pregnancy, or marital status.

There are a host of federal and state laws that govern the relationship between employers and employees, including but not limited to the following: Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, Equal Pay Act (EPA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1975, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) and the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Objector’s Act. These laws and others protect employees in the workplace.

We have significant experience representing employees who have suffered discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation or who have been wrongfully terminated. We routinely work with clients on constructive discharge cases that stem from underlying discrimination or with clients who have been demoted in a methodical scheme by their employers to get rid of them.

We do our best to obtain recoveries for our clients that will vindicate them and give them the means to live while seeking other employment.

Gender Discrimination

Have you been fired or passed over for a promotion because of your gender? Are you being treated differently than other employees because of your gender? Does the “Old Boys Club” prevent you from advancing in your career? Are you paid less than the males in your place of employment for the same work? Have you been adversely treated for taking maternity leave? Even though we are living in the 21st Century, the Glass Ceiling still exists as does rampant gender discrimination.

We have represented many women who have been treated unfairly in the workplace because of their gender and outdated ideas about “a woman’s place”. Please call us today if you believe that you have a gender discrimination lawsuit.

Age Discrimination

Are you one of the 79 million Baby Boomers who has been fired or demoted for being a Baby Boomer? Are you being kicked upstairs on some pretext based in discrimination rather than based in reality? In this declining economy, many Baby Boomers have not only lost much of their retirement savings, they have also been demoted or fired.

If you have suffered the humiliation and emotional pain from age discrimination and you believe that you have a viable claim, please call us to evaluate your potential case.

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