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Sexual Harassment Lawyer in New Jersey

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

No one should be subjected to derogatory comments or demeaning behavior in the workplace. No one should be forced to work in a hostile environment. And no one should face retaliation for rejecting unwanted sexual advances or reporting acts of sexual harassment to their superior or authorities. Employers must be held accountable for allowing sexual harassment to go unchecked.

Fortunately, the law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, and a victim of sexual harassment can compel his or her abusers to be held accountable in court.

How Can A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help My Case?

An experienced lawyer will know a victim’s rights under the law, and what to look for when investigating an allegation of sexual harassment. 

An effective sexual harassment attorney in New Jersey will know when to negotiate with an employer and when to argue on your behalf. She will make her clients feel safe and comfortable when telling their story, knowing that their issues are being handled by a professional.

Why Choose Cowen & Jacobs 

Our Bergen County lawyers at Cowen & Jacobs have practiced employment law since 1990 and have represented both men and women in sexual harassment claims. They have represented individuals whose lives were made intolerable by sexual harassment, retaliation, and hostile work environments with successful outcomes.

As a two-woman legal team, we have cultivated an inclusive, safe environment for our clients. We are focused on creating an atmosphere of open communication where our clients are our priority. Our lawyers in Hackensack, New Jersey take on legal matters that have the potential to greatly impact our clients’ lives, including claims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The sexual harassment attorneys at Cowen & Jacobs can help you fight back against the abuse you have suffered in the workplace and stand up for your rights in the workplace. Contact Cowen & Jacobs today! 

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in New Jersey?

Quid Pro Quo

This is when an employer or a supervisor or anyone else in a position of power over the victim demands sexual favors in return for a promotion, job security, or some other preferential treatment at work.


Retaliation is when a supervisor or co-worker acts to “get back” at the victim for not responding to their advances or for reporting their behavior. Unlike Quid Pro Quo, this form of harassment occurs after an offer or sexual suggestion was rebuffed by the victim.

Hostile Work Environment 

Sexual harassment occurs when supervisors or co-workers engage in sexual behavior that is degrading, demeaning, and/or embarrassing for female or male employees. This includes unwanted behaviors such as inappropriate touching or groping, discussing graphic details of sex, and outright demands for sex, but it covers much more.

Our Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorneys in New Jersey Are Ready to Fight For You 

Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace often feel guilty or unsure if they have a claim. The bottom line is that under the law, words, images, text, videos, offensive conduct and gestures of a sexual nature have no place in the workplace.

No one should be subjected to threatening, demeaning, or degrading circumstances at work. Our lawyers have over 30 years of experience with employment law. Call Cowen & Jacobs today to discuss your next course of legal action.

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