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New Jersey law dictates that it is a child’s right to receive child support and that each parent has the obligation to support their child. 

In most cases involving married parents who are divorcing or unmarried parents, the amount of child support payable by each parent is calculated principally based on the parents’ combined gross incomes, which are entered into one of New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines Worksheets. 

At Cowen & Jacobs, we diligently gather and substantiate the additional information that has to be entered on a Worksheet to ensure that you are paying your fair share of child support. The amount of child support payable by high-income parents is beyond the income limits of New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines.  

Our high-income clients benefit from over 35 years of experience, personal attention, and financial acumen in assessing the amount of child support payable in excess of Child Support Guidelines. We will convincingly present our fact-based assessment in settlement negotiations, or, if necessary, at trial.

What You Need to Know About Child Support in New Jersey

Child support is the right of the child to receive support from both parents and is considered integral to the child’s best interests. In addition, as a matter of public policy, the State of New Jersey tries to limit the amount of taxpayer dollars used to support children with non-paying parents. 

Therefore, with few exceptions, both parents under New Jersey law, whether biological or adoptive, have the ongoing obligation to support their minor child. In the event of any controversy between married or unmarried parents that requires judicial intervention, a Family Part Judge will calculate each parent’s child support obligation. 

In most cases, that calculation occurs by entering the parties’ income and reoccurring child-related expenses into a program that calculates child support pursuant to New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines. 

Parents with combined incomes in excess of the Guideline’s limits will pay more than the Guidelines amount based on a number of factors. These factors include but are not limited to the family’s lifestyle and the marginal costs of maintaining that lifestyle for the child.

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At Cowen & Jacobs, we are eager to assist our clients in their journey through the legal system, which can be very stressful particularly when the issues involve the best interest of children.  We therefore encourage our clients to ask questions and always provide prompt responses.

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