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Child support issues, whether raised during a divorce, post-divorce or between unmarried parents, will be focused on by a Family Part Judge charged with the obligation to foster a child’s best interests. Child support is the right of the child, not the parent.

Most initial child support determinations are governed by New Jersey Child Support Guidelines and are calculated through a software program. However, high-income parents whose combined net incomes exceed $187,200.00 per year, may be ordered to pay more than the Guidelines amount depending on the parties’ incomes, the children’s lifestyle and needs.  

When life strikes an expected blow creating financial hardship for either parent,  or  conversely, there is a substantial  increase in income or net worth or a child’s needs, the Court will consider a downward or upward modification of child support.  This often requires a Motion for Modification, which must be filed in accordance with the Rules of the Court and supported by substantial admissible evidence.  

In the event parents are unable to settle the issue of child support, whether as an initial decision or in the context of a change of circumstances, a Family Part Judge will make the decision for them based on the factors set forth in statutory and case law.  This firm has the legal expertise, experience and financial acumen necessary to facilitate a fair settlement and, if necessary, to effectively represent you in Court.   Barbara Cowen, a former law clerk, knows exactly how to draft the concise and informative pleadings which provide a Family Court Judge with persuasive arguments in support of your case.


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