Bergen County Employment Contract Lawyers

Employment contracts and severance packages should protect your rights as an employee and give you certain employee benefits. Too often, however, these contracts and compensation packages are skewed to protect the rights of employers.

Our employment law attorneys at Cowen & Jacobs are skilled at providing sophisticated legal representation to clients that were shortchanged by insufficient severance agreements and compensation packages. We thoroughly review employment contracts, propriety information and other documents to help ensure our clients’ rights are protected. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your employment law issue.

Severance Package Compensation

In New Jersey, employment contracts establish and govern a binding relationship between the employer and employee. When any party fails to meet the terms of this written agreement, a breach of contract occurs.

For example, many employers will offer a severance package for employees laid off by company cut-backs or for terminated employees in recognition of their past service. If an employer fails to pay the amount agreed upon in the contract, or if the employer refuses to pay for any reason, the employer may be in breach of contract. Our attorneys can negotiate for complete payment and better benefits.

For Legal Advice in Contract Issues, Contact Cowen & Jacobs

If you’re an employee and you’ve been charged with a breach of contract or were shortchanged by a non-complete severance package, contact the law office of Cowen & Jacobs today. We strive to protect the rights of our clients and negotiate for the best possible settlement.


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